SONDERTERMIN – Seminar mit Woody Aragon

8. Mai 2018 um 20:00 Europe/Berlin Zeitzone

Woody Aragon ist ein außergewöhnlicher Vertreter der spanischen Schule. Er ist ein herausragender Techniker mit einem Kartenspiel und ein sehr unterhaltsamer
Vorführender. Sogar Juan Tamariz ist beeindruckt von Woodys Ideen zu Methoden, Präsentationen, Strukturen und Herangehensweisen für Shows.
Zu seinen Zahlreichen Auszeichnungen zählen der Gewinn der Spanischen Meisterschaften, der Ascanio Award, der erste Platz bei McMillan‘s International
Convention und der zweite Platz in Kartenkunst bei der FISM 2011.
In diesem Seminar erleben Sie mindestens zwei Stunden lang perfekt konstruierte Kartenkunst, die Spaß macht. Woody stellt dabei sowohl sein aktuelles Buch „Memorandum“ als auch Highlights aus seinem internationalen Bestseller „A Book in English“ vor. Darüber hinaus gibt es einen theoretischen Teil zur Struktur von Kunststücken und Shows und sehr schlechtes Englisch (Woody hat sein Englisch von Lennart Greens Videokassetten gelernt). Woody Aragons Kunststücke sind dabei zum Großteil einfach zu verstehen und nachzuvollziehen.

Ausgewählte Stimmen zu Woody Aragon und dem Seminar:
A constant student of the ‚Escuela Magica de Madrid‘, Woody knows the importance of the theory and the composition of good magic structure. He administers the concepts of Arturo de Ascanio, the devious ruses of Juan Tamariz, the perspectives of Camilo Vázquez and the theatrical conflicts of Pepe Carroll. Woody Aragón is the personification of the Spanish school of thought. – Miguel Puga, FISM World  Champion of Card Magic Woody has always surprised me and I admire the constant flow of ideas that, if you look carefully from above, you can see moving under his scalp. Ideas for incredibly practical sleights (his “Separagon”), ideas for effects, methods (the genius of his “Human Scale”, a version worthy of a standing ovation, which I have seen many audiences give Woody as they are amazed and full of wonder after seeing him perform it) and ideas for the structures of acts and shows – Juan Tamariz

Just saw Woody Aragon for the first time at the Magic Castle last night, and he exceeded high expectations. He gives life and depth to spelling tricks like no one else, his 10-card poker deal is as good as any, and he fooled me with things I‘ve read about in his great Book in English. I was skeptical that 25 minutes of cards where the only move is a single double lift could compete with an act that makes more use of sleights but was completely disabused of that skepticism.
He‘s an object lesso in the importance of effect over method. Utterly enjoyable and a real revelation; I came out better than I went in. He belongs on any list of the handful of greatest close-up workers, and as is obvious from afar he is radiantly likeable. – R.E.Byrnes

Wow! I have held back a little on writing the review to this lecture as it completely blew me away! Just to put it in context, I am 43 years old (just look older) and saw my first magic lecture when I was 15 – Woody’s lecture was the greatest lecture I have EVER seen, both in mind blowing magic and also entertainment. Others had obviously already heard just how good Woody was as it was a record turnout for the Fylde Mystics with people standing at the back. Woody started with a great routine involving an imaginary ring on everybody’s finger which drew huge laughs and got
everybody relaxed from the start. And from there he proceeded to blow everybody away with routine after routine, I have never seen so many magicians as mystified as we were at this lecture! Once we had all recovered from the amazement we had seen Woody then broke it down and talked through how he does things and more importantly, why he does it. Some great stack decked routines, sleights when needed and some wonderful subtlety. He ended by performing a poker routine in which some people lost their valuables, at one stage they could even see cards in advance and decide if they wanted them – they still lost! Woody started his explanations by saying he looks for three things in his act:
1. Being a gentleman magician – kind, the sort of person people would want to spend time with.
2. Impossible magic
3. Bring emotion to his act.
He certainly brought those 3 points together perfectly, we have seen some great lectures at The Fylde Mystics but at
Woody’s lecture I have witnessed someone raising the bar to new levels. –
Paul Joyce

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