SONDERTERMIN Seminar mit Sylvain Mirouf

Sylvain Mirouf is one of the most creative French magicians of his
generation. He’s a professional magician since 30 years and he
became known in the magic world with his effect of linking cards
(Osmosis) published in Art of astonishment by Paul Harris.
His media career in France has allowed his creations to be
broadcast in more than a hundred countries via TV5.
Many big names in magic use his work.
His new lecture show is a best-of of his creations.
Card effects, mentalism, invisible thread, book-test, Iphone, Rubik’s
cube, and various objects. 15 original effects.
A generous conference from which you will not leave unscathed as
the diversity of the effects will stimulate your grey cells.
Whether you practice in close-up or in lounge, even as a beginner,
you will find your happiness. Lecture notes in English.

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